The following are the project deliverables and the projected timeline for each step in the overall process.  For additional detail on any of these process steps, please contact us.


Description Service Level
Initial data feed received from Client’s Recovery Department(or designee) including provider contracts (excerpts), and system access 30 business days
(after signing agreement)
Health Compliance Associates provides sample file by hospital and recovery type for Client’s approval and pre-validation 10 business days
If applicable, Client’s Recovery Department receives Health Plan approval to pursue recoveries on specific providers and recovery types 10 business days
Health Compliance Associates provides full recovery file by approved hospital and recovery algorithm within each approved hospital to compete as a Senior 10 business days
Client’s Recovery Department (or Health Compliance Associates using client letterhead) sends refund request letters. Client’s Recovery Department performs off-sets 21 business days
(direct collections may take additional 90 days)
Client’s Recovery Department sends Health Compliance Associates payment after recovery is received 30 business days
Once the license is granted, if applicable, Health Compliance Associates will train Client’s Recovery Department on how to use the licensed recovery algorithm logic 30 business days
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